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I want you to know I cherish the care you put to brighten my day. You’re an amazing friend, daughter, sister, partner. You’re a wise, brave, bold, and strong woman, always there to lift me up with your grace. I love our memories, and all the belly laughs. And I love that you always give without expecting anything back.

But my dearest friend, here’s a little thing I wanna tell you. Caring for yourself only expands your wonderful self. Nourishing you means to bring out the best part of you. Your commitment to self love is the foundation to a better world and the best gift you can give to those you love. It pours over to everything you do and everyone around you. So don’t leave yourself empty because I promise, selfcare is selfless. Promise me you’ll take care of you from now on. It’s truly the best gift to us all.

With love,
The best part of you.

Welcome to Bloom a Glow!

You’re invited to a loving and positive community that gives you easy and practical tips to your wellness and skincare needs. Our goal is to share (centered around you non-suffocating) selfcare that encourages you to love on you a little more. You decide when, how or if it works for you. You take care of you in whichever way or capacity you choose.

Want to take a bath and exfoliate to your new favorite playlist? Yes please. Want to seat all day (sans shower or bra) to binge Younger? Duhhh. Want to do a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, then pizza for dinner? Umm yeah. Want to break a sweat while listening to The Conversation Podcast? Let’s do it. Only you can define what wellness and beauty is to you.

This community is here to encourage self compassion, love and respect for yourself, and others. We want to help you follow the things that light you up, so you can live your best, bold, and happiest life. Because the truth is, the world is a much better place when we have a full cup to share our joy and the best of us with others.

This is for you. So come on in.



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